What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment that addresses sagging and the loss of elasticity in your skin due to aging. This procedure reverses aging effects through ultrasound energy that is emitted from a heating device. The heat is sent deep under the surface of your skin and muscle causing the skin to tighten while stimulating the production of collagen. This ultrasound energy literally treats the deepest layers of your tissue while never touching the surface. This device has been FDA approved to lift and tighten:

  • Your Face
  • Your Brows
  • Your Neck
  • Your Chest

The ultrasound technology allows physicians to literally see the area being treated by way of a computer monitor. This is very similar to what a physician would look at to diagnose tissue abnormalities.

During your procedure, the device is passed back and forth across your skin. Some patients have experienced mild pinching while others have experienced a greater level of discomfort.  We will go over various pain relief medications during your initial consultation.


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What You Can Expect from Ultherapy Treatment

Everything You Need to Know

There is absolutely no down-time and you will be able to resume normal activities right way.  Some patients have experienced some very mild redness and/or swelling for a few hours following the procedure.

Some of our patients have told us that they have seen a great improvement in their skin's appearance the next day. That said, most patients can expect to see results after a few weeks and full results after 2 or 3 months. This is because the new collagen has to develop in your skin and this process will take some time. It is slow, natural and beautiful transition to younger and healthier skin.

The results from this procedure last until your natural aging process kicks in again. Most patients get the procedure every 2 years, as it is one of the world’s most renowned treatments for preventing skin aging, it is completely safe and very easy to undergo. The treatment stimulates collagen to stimulate new, younger skin. This means that you are literally shaving years off of your skin’s appearance.

Ultherapy Treatment on the eyebrow area

At our practice, Ultherapy Center San Diego, you can expect a team of highly skilled physicians, nurses and staff to monitor your every need. Dr. Mann will work with you to devise a complete facial rejuvenation treatment plan. He always provides you with an in-depth consultation to go over every detail of your concerns, candidacy and treatment plan. The entire team at Ultherapy Center San Diego is excited to help provide you with the world’s top treatments to restore your youthful appearance and bring back your confidence.

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